Michael Emmer, MD

Internal Medicine

Learn what concierge patient care is all about from those who’ve experienced it firsthand. Dr. Emmer’s patients explain, in their own words, what it’s like to have a doctor who’s always there for them. You’ll see how Dr. Emmer goes above and beyond to make a significant difference in the lives of the patients he treats.

Five stars! Dr. Emmer is the best doctor I have ever been to. He is very smart, kind, patient and funny! I would highly recommend him! He is one of the few doctors that can find my veins on the first try!
I've been a patient of Dr. Emmer for many years. He's extremely intelligent, thorough, patient, and (most importantly) he is considerate. Unlike other physician "factories", Dr. Emmer's office is small and respectful. His staff is knowledgeable and waiting time is virtually nonexistent. His knowledge of Endocrinology is vast and it includes current literature as well as 40+ years of experience. Dr. Emmer also diagnoses issues I might have that are unrelated to my Diabetes. He is not hesitant to recommend excellent specialists when he feels one is needed. He's even called other doctors on my behalf while I'm sitting in his office! I've asked many other physicians whether they know Dr. Emmer and every one has praised him highly. He's a gem.
Throughout my life, I have visited many doctors due to a medical condition I was born with, and no doctor has ever made me feel more at ease than Dr. Emmer. He is extremely knowledgable and truly cares about his patients. Every time I see him, he is welcoming, warm and genuine. I would recommend him to anyone and highly suggest that if you need a doctor who truly cares and knows what they're doing you go see Dr. Michael Emmer. He may just save your life!
I first came to Dr. Emmer's practice after a dear friend told me how he saved her husband's life -- making a diagnosis other physicians missed! He's a member of AOA - the Phi Beta Kappa of medical schools. This is my trusted, go-to place whenever I get sick. He's thorough and spends time when other physicians will quickly get you out the door. But it is also his STAFF that is always friendly, patient, helpful, and fully invested in making sure you are taken care of. It feels like FAMILY...(the GOOD ones!!) You will get excellent care. : )