Neal D. Johnson, MD

Family Medicine
Austin, TX 512 346 6086



Dr. Johnson and the Signature MD Program has served my family very well. With our planned renewal, we will begin our third year in the program. Given that medical care access is substantially limited by the effects of mandated changes to health insurance, this concierge program has proven to be a great way to avoid frustration.



In this age of uncertainty about health care in general, and impersonal interactions with many physicians who too often look at patients like “numbers”, Dr. Johnson’s Signature MD program had made me feel more secure knowing that I am in a partnership with my physician with a shared goal of keeping me and my family healthy. Thank you Dr. J!


Words cannot describe how appreciative I am of Dr. Neal Johnson.  His Signature MD program provided the most excellent, 24/7 care I have ever experienced.  His kindness and steadfastness helped me to overcome an illness I’ve been suffering with from many difficult years. Without him, I would still be struggling to get well. Thank you, Dr. Johnson, you have changed my life.


Personalized attention, readily available appointment times, consistent follow-up, professional and courteous services are just a few of the added benefits I have experienced with personalized medicine.